Real Estate Target Marketing-Are you on Target?

Target Real Estate MarketingLet me guess…you are a Real Estate agent or Mortgage Lender in the Northern Virginia and you want to do more business? We all do right? What we really want are LEADS! We want people that reach out to us and say “hey I need to use your services…I got your marketing piece or found you online; can you help?” Yes you can!! But how do we get to this point? How do we change our traditional marketing into Real Estate Target Marketing?Let’s back up…

The Obsolete Real Estate Marketing Plan

I was home over the weekend and I came across a TV marathon of a show that I truly loved…the old school “Twilight Zone.”  I was watching several episodes in a row and I came to an episode that made me think about how it relates to the Real Estate community today and in the future.  The name of the episode was “The Obsolete Man.”  In the episode Burgess Merideth (Rocky Balboa’s trainer-Micky) lived in a Totalitarian State and was on trial in front of  the high counsel for being “obsolete.”  He had to answer to his charges and could be sentenced to death.  Burgess said he was a Librarian and that he loved books.  In this future existence there apparently was no need for books and therefore Librarians.  He was sentenced to a death for no longer serving a purpose in society and being “obsolete.”  Of course since it was the Twilight Zone there were some twists and ended very fittingly.  So…how does this correlate with your Real Estate Marketing plan in 2012?

Real Estate Commodity-How NOT to Become One

Since moving to the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area and working as the Director of Sales/Markeing for Stewart Title and Escrow  I have been working like mad getting in front agents, lenders, commerical agents doing what I can do help them grow their business.  I’m also doing something else that is very important…and that is showing these people how Stewart Title is different than our competitors…how I/We are different.  You see, when a consumer, or in my case a Real Estate agent or a Mortgage Lender sees the difference and then the added value that we bring, they make a conscious decision to do business with us instead of Title Company X or Y.  This is how NOT to become a Real Estate Commodity.