Converting Real Estate Leads – All the Money is in the Follow Up!

Converting Real Estate Leads

Let’s start off with a statistic. Roughly only 5.6% of all real estate leads covert to clients on the first phone interaction or meeting.  Very low number. That doesn’t mean that the other 94.4% of the people don’t buy or sell real estate over time (they do) but with conversion numbers so low it is easy for a real estate agent to give up early in the process and move on to lower hanging fruit. I don’t necessarily fault agents for doing that as your time is important, but I can tell you from experience…you are leaving money on the table. Lots of it. As a Title Sales Rep, it is very similar as we talk to agents and lenders and if we don’t get their business pretty quickly, we tend to move on. Mistake! When it comes to converting real estate leads or any type of lead, the real money is in the follow-up process.  Here is why following up is so important and how agents can expand their business at a rapid rate.

The 1 Thing that will Streamline your Real Estate Business

Streamline your real estate businessEveryday when I meet with Real Estate agents and Mortgage Lenders in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I get all kinds of questions…mostly Real Estate Marketing questions.  All the time I hear them say…“I wish there was 1 thing that could streamline your Real Estate business since Realtors and Lenders are so busy!”  At the same time, they have issues remaining top of mind and prospecting for more business in effiecient ways.  There are various ways and programs available to help YOU streamline your Real Estate Business going forward. Realtors need to realize that their data base is their Data-Bank...and treat as such. Here is the 1 thing that will help streamline your real estate business.