Why Posting Other People’s Real Estate Content Hurts You

AvoidHaving been in the Title Insurance business close to 10 years now (yes…it has been that long) I know that Real Estate agents LOVE to tell their friends and sphere the latest and greatest news.  They tell them everything…what the market is doing, homes that just sold, inventory levels, Government regulations, and so on.  Realtors also like to take this information and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and email it out to everyone.  Realtors do this “thinking it brings VALUE to THEM.”  Guess what…it doesnt.  Nope.  You know who it does give value to?  The person who is responsible for the article.  There is nothing wrong with posting real estate related content…but it is WAY better and brings more value to your target client…if YOU post your own Real Estate content.  Let me explain:

How to Convert Renters to Buyers in this Market

Convert Renters to BuyersI was talking to a Northern Virginia Real Estate agent the other day and she said “you know what would be a good blog on your site?  How to convert renters to buyers in this market.” Well, ask and ye shall receive.  So lets talk about it.  Its no secret that there are 2 things happening in this area of the country.  #1…home prices are increasing along with a lack of inventory and #2…there are a TON of people moving to this area for jobs, and will continue to do so.  Many people who move here are either not sure of their status in terms of staying, or are shocked as to the housing prices compared to where they came from.  The Washington DC area is currently the 3rd most expensive area in the country behind San Francisco and New York City.  Having said that, the same goes for rents!  They are high priced as well.  So how do you convert renters to buyers with that mentality?

How to Convert your Sphere of Influence into Paying Clients

sphere-of-influencersThe Spring “Selling Season” is here and people everywhere in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area is talking about Real Estate…or so it seems.  There are so many buyers and not enough listings.  This is causing people to ask all kinds of questions about Real Estate.  “Is NOW a good time to sell?”  Should I buy NOW before prices go up?”  “Do I need to offer MORE than asking price?”  These are all valid questions as it pertains to this hot market.  If you are Realtor in the area there is a good chance that your SOI is asking these questions.  I had a Realtor/client who is new to the Real Estate business say that she is running into these questions and wanted to not “oversell” her friends but was interesetd in knowing how to convert your Sphere of Influence(SOI) into clients.  As a Realtors I’m sure YOU want to know this as well because people don’t like to be sold to…but they like to buy things. With that said, here is how to convert your sphere of influence in to paying clients.