How to Pick a Good Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent

There are so many people in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area that have their Real Estate license.  These agents want the consumer that is looking to buy or sell a home to “pick them!”  Remember in elementary school when you would play touch football or kickball and you wanted to not be the last one picked?  You would stick out your hand to your friend who you already had an established relationship, jump up and down and make a crazy face that said “Pick Me!!”  In essence Real Estate agents do this with their Real Estate Marketing.  They send out direct mail, postcards, sports schedules, and other gimmicks to their sphere of influence or general farm area and say “Pick Me!”  Pick me cause I’m a GRI, CRS, CDPE, ABS, or some other Realtor designation that the average consumer doesn’t know or doesn’t care about.  My favorite is when the Realtor says they are a “Multi-Million Dollar Producer” which means they sold over a $1 Million in real estate (which could be only 1 or 2 homes) but the consumer thinks it means that the Realtor made over $1 Million dollars.  So there are thousands of Realtors out there wanting to be picked by the consumer and there are thousands of consumers needing the services of a Real Estate agent.  If you were in the market to buy or sell a home what should you look for when “picking” a good Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent?  Here they are…

5 Tips To Get Started as a NEW Real Estate Agent

Every single Real Estate agent that has ever existed was a brand new agent at one point.  They paid their money for Real Estate school and passed their tests and BAM they were Realtors!  Ok, that’s great but now what?  What do I do now to get clients?  Ever hear the phrase “Jack of all trades…Master of none?”  That can easily be any new Real Estate agent (and experienced) if they don’t know know how to get started in their Real Estate career.   Here are DCTitleGuy’s Top 5 tips that can help any brand new Realtor get through the learning curve as fast as possible and start generating business right away.

Real Estate Joint Ventures…Who Wins?

Having been in the Title Insurance business for the past 7 years doing Sales and Marketing I have run into pretty much every kind of objective possible as to why a Realtor or Mortgage Lender has a relationship with a Title Company or why they have to use Title Company X or Y.  Many of these objectives are not to diffcult to navigate and usually result in landing a new client or large account.  There is one objective that I have seen the most, especially in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.  That one objective that I hear is…”well our office has a Joint Venture (JV) with Title Company X or Y…my broker wants us to use them.”