Real Estate Agents-What is your “Value Proposition?”

Value-Proposition-3The other day I was reading a “Top 10 List.”  I think we can agree that people like to read those lists…they like to see who made the list!  Well, this list was “Top 10 Least Respected Professions.”  There were Lawyers, Politicians, Car Salesman, and one other profession.  That’s right…Real Estate Agents!  Why is that?  Realtors help people with the American Dream.  You help people buy and sell homes!  The reason is that since this country is filled with SOO many Realtors, the few give the majority a bad name.  Also, many of the Realtors out there are part time.  Meaning that they only do the job on weekends or just when friends and family have an immediate Real Estate need.  Since the negative connotation is out there about Realtors the consumer thinks that your value is not great…might be why they always try to get you to lower your commission.  So today, I want to talk about what I feel is the #1 thing a Realtor must have to be successful and standout in the see of vanilla that is Real Estate…and that is a strong “Value Proposition.”  What is yours?  Do you have one?

How to Get 4000 NEW Real Estate Listings

We Can HelpChristmas time is here.  The end of 2012 and Realtors and Lenders alike are looking back at what they did or didn’t do in 2012 and also set goals and aspirations for the year to come.  As the Director of Sales and Marketing for Stewart Title in Northern Virginia/Washington DC I meet with Real Estate agents pretty much on a daily basis.  I have heard and do hear everything in terms of needs, wants, and goals.  The one saying in the Real Estate business that has always held true is “List to Last!” What that means is…to be a long term, successful Realtor you need to list properties.  Buyers are nice…take them when you can, but Listings is where it’s at.  Almost all the Realtors that I meet with ask me HOW can I get more listings?  NEW Real Estate listings can be hard to obtain.  How do you know WHO is ready to make move?  What can be done to find out?  What if I told you that I can not only tell you exactly WHO needs to sell their home but WHERE they are?  Also…these people have an immediate need for a Realtor.  Would you be interested? 

Why You Should Switch Title Companies Right Now

To begin…the Title Company you currently use in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area ( if not already Stewart Title) is probably not a bad Title Company.  I’m sure that they provide decent to good service and have knowledge of their title and settlement services. More than likely they are very good at taking your purchase contracts/refinance orders and close them. The settlement people maybe even bring you gifts, baseball tickets, food, and you might even know their kids names.  On top of that, they will do mobile closings for your clients who can’t make it to your office.  All sounds great…that is why I don’t want you to feel bad when you switch Title Companies to Stewart Title and Escrow.  Here is why…