How to Market your Real Estate Subdivision Without Using Postcards

Junk-mail-NO1As I meet with Realtors on a day to day basis as the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I hear all kinds of comments from Realtors…almost like a “wish list” they have to be more savvy, more successful in Real Estate. They want to standout in the infamous Real Estate Sea of Vanilla that they all swim in.  So today, I met with 2 Realtors that were talking to me about Farming a few top/high value subdivisions.  They said that their office manager offered to pay for the first 1000 postcards that they want to send to this large group of people who may or may not have a home selling or buying need My next question to them was “How many agents do you think are also marketing to these subdivisions?( Not only that…but how many are marketing to these 1000 people with the same type of postcards?” (these are high end homes…there has to be a ton!) Remember…Sea of Vanilla.  The agents looked at me with a gaze…”so what do you suggest?”  I said…“What if I could show you how to market your Real Estate subdivision without using postcards…and Win?  Would you be interested?  YES!!  Lets just say that they were quite interested.

Why Google Loves WordPress and You Should Too!

Google loves WordPressThe title of this blog says it all…”Google Loves WordPress.”   If you take a moment and Google that exact phrase you will find blogs (This one) and Videos explaining WHY this is so.  48 out of the top 100 Blog/Website platforms in the World are built on WordPress.  As a Real Estate agent you have many website companies calling and trying to sell you their platform.  Stay away! They for the most part stink and you down OWN IT.  WordPress you do.  So without further delay…here is why Google Loves WordPress and You Should Too: