2020 Housing Market

Dominate the Spring Market with these Farming Strategies!

Dominate Spring MarketSpring market is here and that means being super busy and trying to create new inventory. The last few years inventory has been an issue in our area causing it to be delightful as a seller and sometimes frustrating as a buyer. With the goal of creating more inventory for buyers to choose, there are several strategies Realtors can use to make it happen. Farming is something many Realtors do, but few have a great level of success. There are many reasons for the failures, but I want to discuss great farming strategies and the layers they come in to help you maximize time, money, and energy to gain more exposure in your farm.

Why Real Estate Agents Lose Business through Social Media

Image converted using ifftoanyReal Estate Agents lose business ALL the time, one way is through their social media channels. The #1 social media channel where real estate agents lose business is Facebook. I’ve learned (the hard way) that it is easy to think that your “friends” and “followers” on social media have the same thoughts and feelings you have.  Thoughts and feelings that range from religion, politics, social issues, and more. It’s also very easy to quickly type up a status or tweet and hit “Send.” We think we are clever because we are letting our friends know what we stand for and why that stance is correct.  Not so fast, doing this over and over can and WILL cost you business and referrals down the road. Here is the bad part…you won’t even know it!  Here are ways real estate agents lose business through social media and how you can prevent from making these mistakes.

How to WIN at Farming a Real Estate Subdivision

Farming a SubdivisionThis blog is at “request” from a Realtor I work with.  I also constantly get questions about Farming a Real Estate subdivision.  Should I do it? Does it work?  How long does it take to “work?”  What do you send to the farm…how often?  Do these questions sound familiar to you?  Farming Real Estate subdivisions has been around a long time.  Other than calling or talking to your friends and family this is how most agents got their business.  Technology has greatly changed how Farming is done though.  It isn’t about putting the large ad in the local paper or sending out the recipe or sports schedule to a large neighborhood and waiting for the phone to ring.  It is A LOT more than that.  As I have said before, generic and vanilla messages are thrown away.  Thats what you do right?  Farming in Real Estate is MUCH more than that today.  There are many strategies to envoke a response from a homeowner.  Here is a great way to get set up and started…and get LEADS.