Why Realtors Should Use Snapchat in their Marketing Strategy

Realtors should use SnapchatUgh! Another social network that I have to learn and use?  Yes, except Snapchat is not like other social networks. Snapchat is a video and picture application that allows you to send messages that last from 1-10 seconds to your followers.  These messages are called “Snaps.” These video and picture messages don’t stick around though, because once the message exceeds the 10 second (or less) limit, it disappears.  This “disappear” feature helps to keep your followers attention, knowing what they are seeing is about to be gone…forever. You can also text message your followers through the application and do face-time videos! Snapchat has a higher engagement rate than ANY other social network on the planet. Technology is here to stay and Realtors should use Snapchat in their marketing strategy to stay in front of clients in the best medium possible…video. It will also keep you relevant with clients and gain business.