Refinancing Your Northern Virginia Home in 2013…Easy as 1,2,3!

Refinance Logo2012 has ended and a new year has began.  People like to create New Years resolutions and hopefully stick with them.  It seems that more and more new years resolutions revolve around saving money, adding more to the IRA or 401K, paying off debt(s) and becoming more financially secure.  Makes sense especially after our country went through a huge economic down turn at the end of 2007 that we are still feeling the effects.  There is one New Years resolution you can get out of the way in January that not only will help you lower you bills but make you more financially secure.   What is it you ask?   Refinancing your Northern Virginia home….your largest asset.  The process is not difficult…lets walk through how to get started to lower monthly expenses:

Why You Should be Refinancing with the Christian Hartung Team at George Mason Mortgage

Do you like free things?  Do you like cheap money?  Do you want a lower mortgage payment?  I do!  You should be refinancing with the Christian Hartung Team at George Mason Mortgage. Now is one the best times in history to refinance your existing mortgage(s).  Let me back track.  Back in 2004-2006 the home prices around the country shot up like a rocket.  As much as 47% in one year…like in Phoenix, AZ where I lived for 10yrs.   Well…what goes up usually comes down and that was the case not only in Phoenix, AZ but in most parts of the country.   The economic downturn of 2008 plummeted home values and caused thousands upon thousands of homeowners to either short sale their propertie(s) or just walk away and foreclose.  The Federal Govt then took action to keep people in their homes by doing loan modifications, lowering interest rates steeply and coming out with other loans like the HARP or HARP 2.0.   As you can imagine as prices came down along with interest rates, it also created a buying frenzy, (still going) and that in turn has seen home values starting to increase once again.  That leads us into today…