How to Embed Video into your WordPress Real Estate Website

Embed Video into WordPress If you have read any of my prior blogs you notice that I reference Video as not only the future of Real Estate marketing but it is the present.  The small percentage of Realtors that use video in their Real Estate marketing are seeing HUGE dividends.  People love watching video and more than likely you do to.  If you could see a Video of a home you were looking to buy or answers to questions you have about the market, buy/selling a home or Short Sale vs Foreclosure, a video is more powerful than just words. Since most Realtors don’t use Video in their business, this is a good sign for YOU the Realtor who wants to.  So you have shot your video(s), now how do you get that video into your blog?  This blog will teach HOW to embed a video into your WordPress Real Estate website.

Marketing Conversation with a Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent

InboundMarketingAs in all of the blogs that I write with my ideal client in mind (YOU) I get most of my material from the Real Estate agents and Mortgage Lenders that I meet and interact with on a daily basis.  Sometimes when I have some free time (what is that??) I call cross sales.  If you don’t know what that is, that is the Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent that is on the other side of the transaction that we are closing…that is NOT our client…yet.  I call these agents blind and thank them for allowing us to close the transaction, see how it went, and then talk to them about their Real Estate business/marketing and see where I can help and then set an appointment.  I had a good conversation with an agent the other day so I thought I would put in a blog.  Mind you, the conversation I’m about to share with you is being paraphrased but you will get the point. 

How to get Consumers to “Opt-in” to your Real Estate Marketing

opt-in-opt-outThe way that consumers wish to be marketed to has changed.  The way that YOU respond to marketing has changed.  People are constantly being bombarded by advertisements and other marketing “noise.”  I say Noise because that is exactly how we perceive it.  We are hit with so much everyday that we eventually tune it out.  Look at your own behavior…do you have a DVR to ignore commercials?  Do you use Pandora or XM Radio to avoid radio DJ’s or ads?  What was once something new and exciting is now the norm.  So, as it pertains to your Real Estate marketing, how do you get the consumer to “Opt-in” and WANT to receive messages from you about Real Estate vs throwing away your direct mail in the trash or just flat out ignoring you?  Good question:

How to Beat Your Real Estate Competition by Using Video

Want to beat your real estate competition?  Of course you do! Video-Image1I’m not sure how many people have a Real Estate license in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area but I can tell you it is a lot.  A lot of people in the same area…who roughly do the same thing…seeking the earn the same business.  Something has to give.  I think we can all agree that most real estate agents (the ones I know anyway) market to the consumer mostly the same way. Realtors send out their monthly newsletter, glossy sports schedule, Just Listed postcard, or my favorite…the divider at the grocery store check out line.  You know you have seen that…

Real Estate Marketing 2013-Top 5 Things to Avoid

The end is near…not the world, just the year 2012.  Now is the time of year where we look back and see if our hard work paid off and we met our goals.  Did you sell the amount of homes you were looking to sell?  Did you gain more clients?  Did you branch out in your Real Estate marketing and try something new like Video or a Blog?  Did you make your money goal or GCI?  Now is also the time where you as Realtors are being bombarded by people, Title Companies, and Mortgage Lenders offering to help you with “Goal Planning for 2013.”  Should you goal plan?  Of course!  Its important to set goals and work to meet them.  The real issues is WHERE you get your information and from WHOM.  The way the consumer gets their information on pretty much anything has changed dramatically in the past few years and with it must the mindset of the Real Estate agent.  So, going forward there are things you need to certainly Avoid in your Real Estate Business in 2013.  Here they are:

The Fastest Way to get a Real Estate Listing-RIGHT NOW!

In the Real Estate business there is a saying called “List to Last.”  What that means in essence is to have a sustainable business in Real Estate you have to generate listings.  Yes…buyers are good as well but they are like shooting deer in the woods.  Once you sell them a house they are done and buyers can be very time consuming.  Ever driven a buyer around for 3 weekends straight and they STILL didn’t buy anything?  That can not only be super frustrating but also costly in terms of your time and wallet.  In my 7.5yrs working in Title Insurance Sales it is also my experience that the agent that has the most listings…usually has the most buyers.  When I meet with Real Estate agents on a daily basis helping them grow their business, what I hear often is “Wade…how can you help me get more listings?”   There are a TON of ways to generate listings and as we move into the slower season in Real Estate…I also hear from Realtors…“I need Listings RIGHT NOW!  How can you help?”  Since I hear this fairly often, I thought I would share with you the fastest way to get a Real Estate listing right NOW!

Why You Should Be Blogging in Real Estate

What are the first things that come to mind when I say “Blogging in Real Estate?”  You might think UGH!  Takes too long!  What do I write about? Its just another thing I have to do…I don’t want to!  All of these objections are common and it is typically what I hear when I meet with the majority of Real Estate agents in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.  I fully understand their objections because as a busy Real Estate agent there are many things that you have to do on a daily basis to keep your business running, maintain existing clients, and market for NEW business.  That is also why I know that one of the best things you can do for your Real Estate business is have a blog on your WordPress Website…and here is why.

Home Buyers-Why Move to Arlington Virginia

For over 10 years I lived in a fantastic place in America…Phoenix, AZ.  It was summer all the time, a lot of outdoor activities, and if you are an avid golfer…HEAVEN!  About 3.5 months ago I moved to the Washington DC area and am adjusting nicely.  If you read my blogs you know that I am the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title and Escrow in Northern Virginia.  There is one city that I had heard a lot about before I moved to the DC area that is very popular.  Here is why you should move to Arlington Virginia

Real Estate Marketing-Why You Should Target Renters

Do you feel it?  You know…the Real Estate market making a BIG SHIFT.  The pendulum has surely swung the other way.  For the last 3-5 years ever since the economic meltdown home values have dropped and many people lost their homes due to a foreclosure or short sale forcing them to rent.  The market has hit the bottom and prices are starting to move upwards as the rule of supply vs demand has take affect.  Thousands of people in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area are renting.  They are renting apartments, houses, condo’s and townhouses.  Many of these people have good jobs and make a decent to great living.  These consumers are young people in their 20’s but also consumers who completed a successful short sale or had a home go into foreclosure.  The 3-5year statute has passed, their credit repaired and they can buy again!  Yes, some of these people are first time home buyers, but they are also people emerging back into the arena of home ownership who have done this whole process before, therefore more familiar with what it takes to get into a home.  That is what makes this demographic a great target when looking to expand your Real Estate Marketing and business.

Real Estate Agents-Why You Should Stop Counting on Referrals

Referrals…we all love them.  When someone tells another person about your services and why they should use you.  It is the least expensive way to generate business in the Real Estate space.  We all can agree that if we could run our entire business models on this way of generating business there would be no need for any other form of marketing.  Unfortunately, this is the 21st century and consumer behavior has changed.  In my meetings with Real Estate agents in the Washington DC/Virginia area the most frequent answer I get to “How do you normally get your business” is Mostly from Referrals.  Putting all of your eggs in one basket is very risky and downright dangerous when it comes to your Real Estate business…and stop counting on referrals.  Here is why.