How to Upload a Video to your Real Estate YouTube Channel

Uploading Video to YouTubeOk…so you are now not only blogging but are starting to implement Video into your Real Estate business (Good for you!).  You have set up your Gmail Account and now have a working Real Estate YouTube Channel.  If you have read my other blogs I reference Video in Real Estate fairly often because consumers not only watch video…but they demand it!  Look at your own behavior.  When you are online and watch a news story or a promo for a new car or someone answering a question…would you rather watch a video of it or read a long story?  Look at your kids behavior as well…video is taking over.  Just the other day the large social media site “Instagram” just launched a Video feature that is going to be massive.

All I Want for Christmas is a NEW Real Estate Marketing Plan

Title Company Sales RepChristmas is here, as is the end of 2012.  Every year for Christmas people ask to be with friends, family, gifts, and other things that bring them joy and celebrate the year.  Ever ask Santa for a NEW Real Estate marketing strategy…and HOW to implement it correctly so you attract buyers, sellers, and other people that are trying to do business with you?  It would be great if Santa could just bring that answer to you in your stocking!  You see, in today’s Real Estate world it is not who the best Real Estate agent is…it is WHO is the best marketer.  Consumers don’t search for Real Estate agents or companies in newspapers, phone books or on grocery store shopping carts.  What consumers do is search for homes in certain subdivisions, near schools, amenities, in price ranges.  Consumers then contact the Realtor who is “found” after that search.  The scary statistic is that roughly 80% of consumers will use the first Real Estate agent they find that can answer their questions or solve their problems.  You want to get on the right track of growing your Real Estate business?  Be that first agent!  So…do you need a NEW Real Estate Marketing plan?

How to Protect your Real Estate Brand and Reputation-Online

We all have a reputation.  Our reputation defines us…defines our business.  You have a good reputation in Real Estate it can mean that others want to work with you, for some reason you don’t, it can mean bad things going forward.  So how do we Really know if we have a good reputation online?  We know that over 90% of consumers go online to start their home buying search.  They also go online for pretty much everything else they wish to purchase or thinking about purchasing an item.  But…before they decide to go to a certain restaurant, buy a car, home, or go see a new movie, consumers want to look up reviews to see what others are saying about the product or person…and WHY they should use them. When it comes to the Internet there are really no barriers to entry.  Anyone can go on Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and write a review about someone or something.  This can be and should be scary if you a Real Estate agent or Mortgage Lender…but there are steps you can take to protect your Real Estate brand and reputation where consumers go to look for your services…Online.

Consumers Have Voted Out Your Real Estate Marketing Program

As we all know the Presidential Election is tomorrow (Go Vote!) and over the last 8 months or so we have been bombarded by all kinds of messages from both parties.  Most of these messages are unwanted spam and we have gotten to the point where we just ignore them.  The ads on the TV, the emails to my gmail account where I’m not sure how they have my email, the phone calls, things in the mail, etc.  The more and more I see this happening I can’t help but think of another group of people that try to convey a message to their audience in a similar delivery…Real Estate Agents.  Just as you are tired of the campaign ads and spam marketing, so are the consumers that Realtors are trying to reach.  Here’s why: