Real Estate Marketing-Why You Should Target Renters

Do you feel it?  You know…the Real Estate market making a BIG SHIFT.  The pendulum has surely swung the other way.  For the last 3-5 years ever since the economic meltdown home values have dropped and many people lost their homes due to a foreclosure or short sale forcing them to rent.  The market has hit the bottom and prices are starting to move upwards as the rule of supply vs demand has take affect.  Thousands of people in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area are renting.  They are renting apartments, houses, condo’s and townhouses.  Many of these people have good jobs and make a decent to great living.  These consumers are young people in their 20’s but also consumers who completed a successful short sale or had a home go into foreclosure.  The 3-5year statute has passed, their credit repaired and they can buy again!  Yes, some of these people are first time home buyers, but they are also people emerging back into the arena of home ownership who have done this whole process before, therefore more familiar with what it takes to get into a home.  That is what makes this demographic a great target when looking to expand your Real Estate Marketing and business.

How Do I Find your Real Estate Marketing Plan?

When I was a little kid my siblings and I used to play “Hide and Seek” all the time.  Back in the early 80’s that was the kind of things we did for fun opposed to staring at TV screens playing video games.  The object was to hide somewhere where we thought no one could find us and then have our siblings or friends try to find us.  The funny thing about Hide and Seek was that we played to NOT be found but secretly it was always the highlight of the game when we were found.  So how does this relate to your Real Estate Marketing Plan as it pertains to today?

The Obsolete Real Estate Marketing Plan

I was home over the weekend and I came across a TV marathon of a show that I truly loved…the old school “Twilight Zone.”  I was watching several episodes in a row and I came to an episode that made me think about how it relates to the Real Estate community today and in the future.  The name of the episode was “The Obsolete Man.”  In the episode Burgess Merideth (Rocky Balboa’s trainer-Micky) lived in a Totalitarian State and was on trial in front of  the high counsel for being “obsolete.”  He had to answer to his charges and could be sentenced to death.  Burgess said he was a Librarian and that he loved books.  In this future existence there apparently was no need for books and therefore Librarians.  He was sentenced to a death for no longer serving a purpose in society and being “obsolete.”  Of course since it was the Twilight Zone there were some twists and ended very fittingly.  So…how does this correlate with your Real Estate Marketing plan in 2012?

5 Tips To Get Started as a NEW Real Estate Agent

Every single Real Estate agent that has ever existed was a brand new agent at one point.  They paid their money for Real Estate school and passed their tests and BAM they were Realtors!  Ok, that’s great but now what?  What do I do now to get clients?  Ever hear the phrase “Jack of all trades…Master of none?”  That can easily be any new Real Estate agent (and experienced) if they don’t know know how to get started in their Real Estate career.   Here are DCTitleGuy’s Top 5 tips that can help any brand new Realtor get through the learning curve as fast as possible and start generating business right away.