2021 Real Estate Marketing Plan

One Thing your 2021 Real Estate Marketing Plan is Missing

2021 Real Estate Marketing PlanI was speaking with an up and coming Realtor team recently and they were discussing with me their 2021 real estate marketing plan. I was listening as they went on about each month what they wanted to achieve. I was waiting for them to say a certain phrase that would help their business tremendously, but it never came. I then brought it up…what about your video strategy for 2021? That is when the reasons (excuses) came out. 1. We aren’t ready to do that yet. 2. Some team members don’t like how they look on video. 3. We need to “ease” our way into using video. As we know this is the work of the little voice between our ears, but the reality is video is the #1 way to convey a value message to your target audience. It’s important to not leave it out of your real estate marketing efforts.

Using Instagram Stories to Gain Exposure For Real Estate

Instagram StoriesInstagram has been around for a while, but really took off once it was purchased by Facebook back in 2012 for $1 Billion. Looking back it was a smart move as Instagram now has over 500 Million active users worldwide. One of the best features that’s added to the platform are its “stories.” Stories are a series of 15 second videos or pictures that are posted for 24 hours then disappears. If you are thinking this sounds like SnapChat, you would be correct. Instagram has done a great job of pulling over the SnapChat users who want the luxury of posting on a larger platform that also allows content to funnel to Facebook. Hence touching a much larger audience for their content. Users have discovered it’s more effective to keep producing short-term content on a regular basis, than post a picture or video that sits on your account indefinitely.