How to Convert your Sphere of Influence into Paying Clients

sphere-of-influencersThe Spring “Selling Season” is here and people everywhere in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area is talking about Real Estate…or so it seems.  There are so many buyers and not enough listings.  This is causing people to ask all kinds of questions about Real Estate.  “Is NOW a good time to sell?”  Should I buy NOW before prices go up?”  “Do I need to offer MORE than asking price?”  These are all valid questions as it pertains to this hot market.  If you are Realtor in the area there is a good chance that your SOI is asking these questions.  I had a Realtor/client who is new to the Real Estate business say that she is running into these questions and wanted to not “oversell” her friends but was interesetd in knowing how to convert your Sphere of Influence(SOI) into clients.  As a Realtors I’m sure YOU want to know this as well because people don’t like to be sold to…but they like to buy things. With that said, here is how to convert your sphere of influence in to paying clients.