Realtor Training Classes -Beware of the Expert

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For my 1st blog post of 2016 (sorry for taking so long) I want to discuss the early year Realtor training classes and how I see many agents get exposed to “bad and inaccurate” information.  I teach real estate marketing classes all over Northern Virginia, have active content on this website, write for, and post YouTube video content that helps real estate agents and mortgage lenders.  I am NOT AN EXPERT.  I know several things that my clients can integrate into their business, that can help them do more transactions, but at no time do I convey myself as an expert.  I am continually learning from others through books, videos on YouTube, and other websites in which I subscribe.  I then take that information and use it the best I can to help my clients.  On the other hand, there are people out there who take full advantage of Realtors posing as an expert.  Who are these people?  Be on the look out for these people…

3 Bad Traits of a Buyer Real Estate Agent-What Consumers Should Know

traits of a buyer real estate agentThere are no shortages of Realtors out there in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.  Many of these Realtors are buyer’s agents.  What this means is exactly that…they work primarily with people buying a home.  Many of them…their first home.  The cycle of a Realtor is usually as they begin their career they start working with buyers and as they get busier they transition into Listing agents.  This isn’t always true but many times this is the case.  The average home buyer goes through this process every 5-7 years.  Meaning that they don’t do this very often, but Realtors do this everyday.  The issue is that not all Realtors are the same, just as not all Title Companies or Mortgage Lenders are the same.  Here are 3 bad traits of a buyer Real Estate Agent that consumers need to watch out for when selecting a Realtor.