2021 Real Estate Marketing Plan

One Thing your 2021 Real Estate Marketing Plan is Missing

2021 Real Estate Marketing PlanI was speaking with an up and coming Realtor team recently and they were discussing with me their 2021 real estate marketing plan. I was listening as they went on about each month what they wanted to achieve. I was waiting for them to say a certain phrase that would help their business tremendously, but it never came. I then brought it up…what about your video strategy for 2021? That is when the reasons (excuses) came out. 1. We aren’t ready to do that yet. 2. Some team members don’t like how they look on video. 3. We need to “ease” our way into using video. As we know this is the work of the little voice between our ears, but the reality is video is the #1 way to convey a value message to your target audience. It’s important to not leave it out of your real estate marketing efforts.

great real estate habits

3 Great Real Estate Habits to Adapt and Dominate 2021

great real estate habitsNew year new you right? Wrong. Most of the time people say they are going to implement and DO things, but in the end, it’s usually a continuation of what they were doing already. Normally this time of year the gyms are overflowing with people who make the decision to finally get in shape or lose some weight, but by the middle of February many of those people are gone and the gyms are back to the regular familiar faces. I don’t want this to be you. As a high producing Realtor or lender, you need to lead the way for your colleagues and set the tone of what good business habits look like. Check out these three great real estate habits that will contribute to a great 2021.