Inside Sales Agent

4 Traits of a Good Inside Sales Agent

Inside Sales AgentFor Realtors looking to expand their business to the next level, time seems to be the culprit that interferes with their efforts. Lead generation and following up with past clients is a must in our business, and to help leverage that effort, an ISA (Inside Sales Agent) may be your answer.

You might be asking…what does an Inside Sales Agent do? He or she assists with generating listing and buyer appointments, making follow up calls to your sphere of influence, and setting quality inbound and outbound appointments for yourself and other team members. The issue many Realtors face is lost client opportunities, lost commissions, and finding out a past client bought or sold a home and didn’t use you. Why? Because you weren’t top of mind. The Realtor was so busy working on other things, they didn’t make time to stay connected to their warm relationships. The ISA’s job so ensures those things don’t continue to happen. Here are the 4 traits to look for when hiring an ISA.

A Tribute to My Hero-Kobe Bryant

It still seems surreal I’m writing this…

Superheroes can be hurt…but they don’t die. That is what I feel happened on January 26th, 2020 in Calabassas. Nine very important people died that day, but I want to talk about and pay tribute to my hero…Kobe Bryant. If nobody reads this blog, I don’t care because writing this is more therapy for me than anything else. My audience knows me as the “DCTitleGuy” who helps Realtors and Lenders with their business. What you don’t know is my first love is and always will be basketball. At age 41 I am always playing in at least two leagues and sometimes three at the same time. I’ve put in thousands of hours on the court practicing and shooting. I once made 256 free throws in a row and made 47/50 from the 3 point line. I was the 3rd fastest player at my College to score over 1000 points and still hold 2 school records. I love the game…

Kobe Bryant’s laser focus and his ability to be the hardest working player in the gym is what first drew my attention and drove me to do my best. It was the beginning of our relationship.