Transactional Agent vs Relationship Agent-Which One are You?

Estate agent sells the house and shaking hand of client

The transactional agent vs relationship agent, there are many differences.  Yes, they are both real estate agents, but HOW they conduct and generate their business is drastically different. Having worked with hundreds of Realtors over my 10yrs in the Title business, it is easy to see which agents are more transactional and which are relationship based. You hear it in their marketing strategies and the way they talk about their “leads” and clients. Both kinds of real estate agents can be successful, though I have found that one of them has a smoother ride than the other. They typically can take more vacations, less stress (sometimes) and have a better time “enjoying” the job of helping people buy and sell homes. Lets discuss the qualities of the transactional agent vs relationship agent, how they conduct their business, and you can decide which agent you are, and if it’s the right business model for you.