This Google Algorithm Change Could Crush Your Website Visibility

Google Mobile FriendlyWe knew this day would come…the new Google algorithm change, just not exactly sure when.  Well, on Tuesday April 21st Google made a major change to how they rank websites.  Ever since the smartphone and iPad came the norm in our society the trend for online searches has moved away from desktops to mobile devices.  Now, Google is the first search engine (and the largest) to reward websites that have taken the extra step to convert their sites into “Responsive Design.”  This means that they are very mobile friendly and easy to navigate/use for the end user.  What this also does, is penalize websites that have not taken this step. As a real estate agent or mortgage lender, you think you have trouble coming up in Google searches now??  Well, this change could make it even harder.  Let’s talk about this new Google algorithm change, how it affects you, and what you can do to overcome it and remain relevant online.

3 Signs You Should Switch Your Title Company Relationship

Switch Title Company RelationshipMost real estate agents and mortgage lenders have some sort of Title Company relationship.  Some are stronger and more loyal than others, some of these relationships are due to a joint venture or Market Service Agreement. But are all Title Companies the same? Definitely not! Just like not all real estate brokerages are the same.  With that said, Title Companies are key vendors for agents and lenders to leverage to get their deals closed and help them in the expansion of further business.  So how do you know when you are working with a good company?  When do you know that it is time to make the “switch” to someone else?  Here are the 3 major signs you should switch your Title Company relationship right now.