YouTube Cards-Upgraded Video Calls to Action!

YouTube CardsYour ability to enhance and increase your real estate video traffic just go a lot better.  How? YouTube Cards.  If you have been using YouTube as your platform of choice for your real estate videos you might have noticed that there were some cool things you could do to your videos in terms of editing and enhancements to make your videos more attractive and draw in traffic.  YouTube Cards is a NEW feature that allows you to insert “Cards” into your videos that are “calls to action.”  If you know me or have been to any or my real estate marketing classes in the Northern Virginia/DC area I say that a very important part of your videos has to be the calls to action.  Your goal is to get the person watching your video to do something else afterwards.  Lets talk about YouTube Cards, how to set them up and use them in your videos.

Essential WordPress Widgets for your Real Estate Website

WordPress WidgetsIn my previous blog I talked about some of the best WordPress Plugins that I recommend using if you are new to WP and looking to increase SEO and add value to your site.  In this blog post I want to discuss the essential WordPress widgets that I recommend installing for your real estate website. Widgets are similar to plugins as they are also found in the “plugins store” on your WordPress site and they can also create ways for prospects who land on your site to stay close to you through social media and other avenues that I will discuss.  Here are a few of the essential WordPress widgets I recommend checking out and downloading.