Website Introduction Videos-Why You Should Have One

3d business menYou know what gets really old and frustrating?  Meeting someone in a business situation and having to explain to them “what” you do and “why” they should work with you (your entire value proposition).  It’s kind of like dating, where you meet someone and have to tell him or her where are from, where you went to school, what you like, and don’t like.  After a while it gets really old.  You wish these business prospects or “dates” just knew this information in advance so when you finally meet you can just get to the good part…doing business and making money.  The good news is, you can set it up so your prospects get to meet and learn all about you before you meet them.  They are “website introduction videos.”  If you notice these are not prominent…meaning that most Realtors or Lenders don’t have them.  Let’s talk about website introduction videos and how they can help you in your Real Estate business.