How to Get your Real Estate Listings More Exposure

Listings More ExposureI was talking to a Realtor the other day in Northern Virginia and she was complaining that her Real Estate Listings weren’t selling or getting much traffic from potential buyers.  Ok…now understand that in the last 3 months in the DC area homes have been selling over list price, with multiple offers the second they hit the market.  Not a lot of housing inventory and a large homebuyer demand.  Now…more listings have hit the market and buyers are seeing that they don’t need to rush and buy right now since they have more choices of homes.  So with this shift in the market I asked the Realtor…”So what are you doing to marketing the property and get your listings more exposure?” Her answer…” I put it in the MLS and I have done open houses the last 2 weekends.” To this I shook my head and said.  Not enough.  Lets talk about how to get your Real Estate Listings more exposure so you can sell them faster and at top dollar.

Top 3 Realtor Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Realtor Blogging MistakesAs the Director of Sales and Marketing for Stewart Title in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I work with a lot of Realtors.  They are all over the marketing spectrum.  Many are realizing the power of using WordPress, Blogging, and Video, to create this unbelievable wave of Value and ultimately get more eyes to them and then buyers/sellers are reaching out to do business.  Great concept right?  You don’t call them…they reach out to you because you can be “found” at the exact moment and time the Real Estate need is present?  Its a good feeling when the phone rings and the person on the other end is already sold on using you.  Now that many of the Realtors I work with are buying into the new wave of Real Estate marketing I still need to help them.  They are sending me their websites and blog/videos and wanting critiques.  What a great service to get from your Title Company right? Any of you out there have that from your Title Insurance Sales Rep?  After seeing several of their blogs and websites I have found 3 common Realtor blogging mistakes.  Here they are and HOW you can avoid them to rank higher in Google and capture more qualified leads.