Real Estate Website Traffic-Getting Your Headshot in Search Results

Google + AuthorshipWhen I am talking to a Realtor or teaching a class in the Norhern VA/Washington DC area I always have that agent that wants to know a shortcut or a fast way that they can double their Real Estate Website traffic.  As if there is a magic solution that can just get thousands of people to them.  Well…there isn’t a “magic solution” but there IS a solution.  There are several ways to gain traffic or page clicks that will increase your website ranking.  The fastest and sure way to increase your Real Estate website traffic is to have your headshot show up next to your search results.  You know what this is right?  If you type into Google…”Google Loves WordPress” or something similar I appear #2 in the search results.  Notice below that even though I’m not #1 I’m the only search result to have a a head shot next to it.  Do you think that someone would be more likely to click on me since they can see who I am?  I do…here is why it is important to set this up and HOW to do it.