Blog Post #100. How I Increased my Website Traffic 100 Times Over

Graph moving upAhh…blog post #100 on DCTitleGuy.  Where has the time gone?  Did this blog post title catch your attention?  I hope it did…because it is true.  Let’s back up.  In June of 2012 I moved to Washington DC from Phoenix, AZ and continued my journey as a Title Sales Rep.  When I moved here I didn’t know many people and had ZERO clients…None.  I wanted to take the opporunity to “brand myself” now that I was in a new area of the country with a fresh start.  I came up with DCTitleGuy as a brand name and had this self hosted WordPress Website built.  Once it was built I was off and running with a very small knowledge of WordPress and how to best use it.  I got to blog #35 or so before I realized that I wasn’t optimizing my content correctly. That stunk…cause I had to go back and “fix” everything and that took awhile.  The first few months I was getting 25 people or so on my site a month.  That then went to about 50 people a month.  That number was consistent for a bit then I figured out other ways to drive traffic to my site and get more eyes…new eyes to me…my Value. In the month of December I had over 5000 people to this site.  They were people from not only the Northern VA/DC area but the entire United States and even other countries.  I increased my website traffic 100 times over. Here is how I did it…and so can you: