Top 3 Questions to ask your Northern Virginia Title Company

Northern Virginia Title CompanyAs a Real Estate agent or Mortgage Lender you build relationships with all kinds of people that can enhance your business.  One of the biggest partners you have is your Northern Virginia Title Company.  There are a lot of them out there too.  They are all competing for the same business trying to stand out in the Title Company sea of Vanilla.  Most Realtors that I know and now work with over at Stewart Title have told me that the reason they used the company (before me) is that they wanted someone local who could provide good service and could do mobile settlements.  Those are all good things of course, but if you have been on my site much you know that I think of those things as a “job description” and the norm for any Title Company.  Before you work with a Title Company and pick them as your teammate in business, OR just going forward you need to ask them a few things.  In fact, there are 3 questions you need to ask your Northern Virginia Title Company.  The answers may suprise you and make your re-think that relationship.

Real Estate Marketing Tips-How to Beat Zillow, Trulia, and

Real Estate Marketing TipsAs I meet with Real Estate agents everyday helping them grow their business I get this ALL of the time…”why should I do all of this online stuff, I can’t beat Zillow, Trulia, and anyway!” Does this sound like something you have said or heard in your office?  You can beat them you know…it actaully isnt that hard.  It involves a couple things that you need to be doing online…and 1 thing you need to never do.  If you obstain from doing the 1 thing and you take time and effort to the 2 things you will beat these 3 monster aggrogates every…single…time.  So here are some great Real Estate Marketing tips that will allow you get more exposure online and beat Zillow, Trulia, and

Blog Post #100. How I Increased my Website Traffic 100 Times Over

Graph moving upAhh…blog post #100 on DCTitleGuy.  Where has the time gone?  Did this blog post title catch your attention?  I hope it did…because it is true.  Let’s back up.  In June of 2012 I moved to Washington DC from Phoenix, AZ and continued my journey as a Title Sales Rep.  When I moved here I didn’t know many people and had ZERO clients…None.  I wanted to take the opporunity to “brand myself” now that I was in a new area of the country with a fresh start.  I came up with DCTitleGuy as a brand name and had this self hosted WordPress Website built.  Once it was built I was off and running with a very small knowledge of WordPress and how to best use it.  I got to blog #35 or so before I realized that I wasn’t optimizing my content correctly. That stunk…cause I had to go back and “fix” everything and that took awhile.  The first few months I was getting 25 people or so on my site a month.  That then went to about 50 people a month.  That number was consistent for a bit then I figured out other ways to drive traffic to my site and get more eyes…new eyes to me…my Value. In the month of December I had over 5000 people to this site.  They were people from not only the Northern VA/DC area but the entire United States and even other countries.  I increased my website traffic 100 times over. Here is how I did it…and so can you:

Setting 2014 Real Estate Goals-Why it’s Important

2014 Real Estate GoalsThe new year is upon us.  Out with the old and in with the new.  So…did you make your goals in 2013?  If so…congrats!  If not…why not?  Perhaps you set your goals too high and they were not realistic, or maybe you didn’t follow your plan all the way through in order to reach those goals.   What are your 2014 Real Estate goals? Do you have any?  Sorry for starting this off with a ton of questions but this is a very important time of year.  This is when YOU, the Real Estate agent looks back and evaluates your business model going forward then formulates a plan for 2014.  The issues you ask?  Implementation!  Ideas always look good on paper right?  Now is the time to start doing what you are saying.  So, I want to cover what I feel are good 2014 Real Estate goals, then I will add what I am pledging to do to help YOU grow your business and become a more savvy agent.  Here they are: