Creating Real Estate Content-What is Re-Purposing?

Creating Real Estate ContentWhen it comes down to creating Real Estate content you can either take the time to create effective content that resonates with your ideal client (target client) or you can simply take articles from the Internet and copy and past them to your website and/or Social Media sites.  Unfortunatley the second one I mentioned is what I see most from Real Estate agents.  They get lazy (sorry agents!) and they post other people’s content.  As you know…doing so hurts you! The reason it hurts you (if you didn’t read my previous blog) is because by posting someone else’s content you are adding Value to THEM…not you.  And you are pushing your prospects and sphere of influence AWAY from you and into the arms of someone else.  Would you push your girlfriend or boyfriend into the arms of another??  I didn’t think so.  So…what is “Re-Purposing” and why should I consider doing this instead, if I’m a Real Estate agent?

How to be a Better Title Insurance Sales Rep in 2014

Better Title Sales Rep Having been in the Title Insurance Sales “game” for over 8 years  I have seen pretty much everything…but I don’t know everything…still gaining knowledge.  I’m learning more new things as I build my career and hopefully you are trying to learn more as well.  When I started in the business in 2005 I didn’t know much about how to “sell” to Realtors.  I didn’t even know what a FSBO (For Sale by Owner) was.  Ahh…that was a long time ago.  I didn’t have educational videos and websites (like this one) on how to be a better Title Insurance Sales Rep to help me.  I had to “fall forward” and learn as I went.  And boy did I fall!  When you fall there is only way to go and that is up.  It also didn’t help that for the first 3 years I was in the Title Insurance business it was 2006-2009 in Phoenix, AZ where the market totally collapsed, and at one time we had 57,000 homes on the market and 75% were Bank Owned (Foreclosures) or Short Sales.  That was rough…but the strong survive!  Going into 2014 whether you are a new Title Insurance Sales Rep or very experienced there are things to learn and others you should strive to implement in your business.  Remember…YOU need to be the solution to every Real Estate agent’s problem.  Whatever that is…that is what YOU need to be.