How to Upload a Video to your Real Estate YouTube Channel

Uploading Video to YouTubeOk…so you are now not only blogging but are starting to implement Video into your Real Estate business (Good for you!).  You have set up your Gmail Account and now have a working Real Estate YouTube Channel.  If you have read my other blogs I reference Video in Real Estate fairly often because consumers not only watch video…but they demand it!  Look at your own behavior.  When you are online and watch a news story or a promo for a new car or someone answering a question…would you rather watch a video of it or read a long story?  Look at your kids behavior as well…video is taking over.  Just the other day the large social media site “Instagram” just launched a Video feature that is going to be massive.

Rising Interest Rates-Should I Buy a Home Now?

Shaking hands with realtorIn today’s market we have seen a shift with rising interest rates. This rise has occured over the last 30 days or so due to the Federal Govt deciding to “taper” off the bond buying program that has caused rates to remain below 4% for much of the last 12 months.  The rising interest rates have had little impact on home buyers in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC market as the lack of inventory is causing people to still purchase homes as fast as they can find their way onto the market.  Many potential home buyers are still wondering how this will affect their buying power going forward? This is a great question! Here are why it is still a great time to purchase a home with rising interest rates!

How to Generate More Real Estate Listings-In this Market

Generate more Real Estate ListingsThe Real Estate market in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area is very hot.  Homes are flying off the shelves and Real Estate agents are busy negotiating contracts.  The issue in the DC area and around the entire country is a shortage of homes on the market to buy.  There are 10 buyers for every 1 home listed.  This is causing an issue because if you are a buyers agent you are having issues getting your contracts accepted and if you are a listing agent, all of your listing are being sold and you have run out of listing inventory.  So, how do you generate more Real Estate listings in this market? How do you get someone off the fence and get them to list their home?  There are ways to identify exactly WHO needs to list and there are ways to get people who you don’t know to reach out to you to list their home and increase inventory.  So, how do you generate more Real Estate listings in this market?  Here is how: