Best SEO Plugins for your Real Estate WordPress Blog

real estate wordpress blogWhen I hear people talk about websites and getting “Found Online” the word I hear the most is CONTENT.  Yes, it is all about content, but I will take it a step further.  It is all about Optimized Content.  Having good content on your website or blog is great but it has to be properly optimized so that the search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing can find it, and then give it rank so when you search in that little box your website appears and someone who is looking for information can click on your site.  By far the best platform (in my opinion) is WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that makes it very easy to blog on your website.  48% of the top 100 blogs in the world use WordPress.  This site is also built on Word-press.  In the Real Estate business it really comes down to marketing.  Getting in front of people with your Value Proposition.  With so much competition on the Internet for what you do it is very important to have the right SEO plugins for your Real Estate WordPress blog.  Here are my personal favorites that I recommend you install for the proper optimization.

3 Bad Traits of a Buyer Real Estate Agent-What Consumers Should Know

traits of a buyer real estate agentThere are no shortages of Realtors out there in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.  Many of these Realtors are buyer’s agents.  What this means is exactly that…they work primarily with people buying a home.  Many of them…their first home.  The cycle of a Realtor is usually as they begin their career they start working with buyers and as they get busier they transition into Listing agents.  This isn’t always true but many times this is the case.  The average home buyer goes through this process every 5-7 years.  Meaning that they don’t do this very often, but Realtors do this everyday.  The issue is that not all Realtors are the same, just as not all Title Companies or Mortgage Lenders are the same.  Here are 3 bad traits of a buyer Real Estate Agent that consumers need to watch out for when selecting a Realtor.

South Riding Subdivision in Chantilly-What a Great Place to Live

South Riding SignWhen I first moved to the Washington DC area in June 2012 I mostly have worked marketing to Real Estate agents and Mortgage Lenders helping them grow their business in the Northern Virginia area.  I drive around the area and by doing so I get to see all the great place that people call home.  There is one up and coming place that I really love and that is the South Riding Subdivision in Chantilly Virginia.  It is great because it is very lush and not in a big city.  It is very family oriented and has great houses that are not as expensive than if you purchased in the Arlington area closer to Washington DC.  Here are some great reasons why the South Riding Subdivision in Chantilly should be your next spot to call home.

I’m a New Title Insurance Sales Rep-How Do I Succeed?

So…you are a new Title Insurance Sales Rep?  First off I want to say “welcome to the field!”  Being in the Title Insurance business is very rewarding and fun.  It can also be frustrating and upsetting at times.  I remember my first day as a Title Sales Rep for a Title Company in Phoenix, AZ.  I can honestly say that my knowledge level on the topic of “Title Sales” was very low.  I had been a loan officer for 9 months earlier and I knew how to sell…just not selling the way it’s now done…to Realtors. Selling FHA streamline loans was not the same as trying to get a real estate agent to send me their business in a very competitive field of already experienced Title professionals.

Why You Should Refinance your FHA Loan before June 3rd 2013

Refinance-your-homeDo you have an FHA Loan?  An FHA Loan is a mortgage loan you might currently have on your home.  If you do, you should refinance your FHA loan before June 3rd as some changes are on the way that could cost you more money.  The main selling point of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) is the down payment is only 3.5% vs 10%-20% on a home.  This allows more people live the “American Dream and own a home.  The main kicker of FHA is that you must all carry MI also known as Mortgage Insurance.  This is a an extra fee you have to pay on top of your mortgage payment since the Federal Government is “insuring your loan.”  This fee helps soften the blow if you ever default on your payments and stop making them.  This is a great loan to have but FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund is announcing a$16.3 billion deficit for the fiscal year of 2013. This doesn’t mean that FHA is going away but it does mean that some new guidelines are taking a affect starting June 3rd that can have impact on you…the homeowner.

How to Market your Real Estate Subdivision Without Using Postcards

Junk-mail-NO1As I meet with Realtors on a day to day basis as the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I hear all kinds of comments from Realtors…almost like a “wish list” they have to be more savvy, more successful in Real Estate. They want to standout in the infamous Real Estate Sea of Vanilla that they all swim in.  So today, I met with 2 Realtors that were talking to me about Farming a few top/high value subdivisions.  They said that their office manager offered to pay for the first 1000 postcards that they want to send to this large group of people who may or may not have a home selling or buying need My next question to them was “How many agents do you think are also marketing to these subdivisions?( Not only that…but how many are marketing to these 1000 people with the same type of postcards?” (these are high end homes…there has to be a ton!) Remember…Sea of Vanilla.  The agents looked at me with a gaze…”so what do you suggest?”  I said…“What if I could show you how to market your Real Estate subdivision without using postcards…and Win?  Would you be interested?  YES!!  Lets just say that they were quite interested.