I Just Got My Real Estate License…Now What Do I Do?

Just got my real estate licenseI know that this doesn’t get verbalized all the time, or much at all but it has to be played over and over in the mind of a Real Estate agent that just got their license….”I’m just got my Real Estate License..Now what do I do?”  If you think about it, its a weird thing to say. In other industries that is not what happens.  You go into a profession with an understanding of what is expected of you and usually there are people already waiting for your services.  Real Estate is the exact opposite. You pay a fee, pass a series of tests and then BAM, you are a Real Estate agent with no clients lined up for your services.  It is now your job to get clients who want to List or Buy a home.  Ok…easy enough right?  Well not so fast…the reality is that most Realtors FAIL in the business and many others don’t make over $50,000 a year.  In the massive sea of “Vanilla” that is the Real Estate industry…how does a newbie get started?  How do they standout?  Let’s talk about it: