5 Ways Realtors Can Remain “Top of Mind”

Social web network marketing diagram.Everyday I meet with Real Estate agents in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.  One of my “qualifying” questions I ask when I meet an agent for the first time is…”So…what do you do to stay in touch with your past clients and SOI (sphere of influence)?  This is called being “Top of Mind.”  This is what most business owners want.  They want to be Top of Mind with people that need their services either right now or in the future.  In my experience most Real Estate agents leave several deals on the table each year by NOT being Top of Mind.  Is this you?  Do you even know?  They negate their sphere and past clients, or they send out what they consider “items of value” when in reality its “items of crap” that gets thrown away.  Why is it an “item of crap?” Because your target audience see no value in it…so they do what you do…they throw it in the garbage or ignore it. When things are in the trash you are certainly not Top of Mind…agreed?  So, with that in mind what are the 5 ways Realtors can remain top of mind? Great questions! Here ar  great marketing ideas or ways Real Estate agents can and should do to remain Top of Mind, and not lose deals year in and year out.

Marketing Conversation with a Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent

InboundMarketingAs in all of the blogs that I write with my ideal client in mind (YOU) I get most of my material from the Real Estate agents and Mortgage Lenders that I meet and interact with on a daily basis.  Sometimes when I have some free time (what is that??) I call cross sales.  If you don’t know what that is, that is the Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent that is on the other side of the transaction that we are closing…that is NOT our client…yet.  I call these agents blind and thank them for allowing us to close the transaction, see how it went, and then talk to them about their Real Estate business/marketing and see where I can help and then set an appointment.  I had a good conversation with an agent the other day so I thought I would put in a blog.  Mind you, the conversation I’m about to share with you is being paraphrased but you will get the point.