The Fastest Way to get a Real Estate Listing-RIGHT NOW!

In the Real Estate business there is a saying called “List to Last.”  What that means in essence is to have a sustainable business in Real Estate you have to generate listings.  Yes…buyers are good as well but they are like shooting deer in the woods.  Once you sell them a house they are done and buyers can be very time consuming.  Ever driven a buyer around for 3 weekends straight and they STILL didn’t buy anything?  That can not only be super frustrating but also costly in terms of your time and wallet.  In my 7.5yrs working in Title Insurance Sales it is also my experience that the agent that has the most listings…usually has the most buyers.  When I meet with Real Estate agents on a daily basis helping them grow their business, what I hear often is “Wade…how can you help me get more listings?”   There are a TON of ways to generate listings and as we move into the slower season in Real Estate…I also hear from Realtors…“I need Listings RIGHT NOW!  How can you help?”  Since I hear this fairly often, I thought I would share with you the fastest way to get a Real Estate listing right NOW!