WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Website-Uploading and Installing

wordpress-pluginsI hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  Now that you are done gorging yourself it is time to start ramping up your Real Estate marketing for 2013!  If you have read my previous blogs there are 2 things that I am a huge proponent of…and that is WordPress being the platform in which to build and run your HUB…your Real Estate website.  This is where 90% of consumers go to BEGIN their home buying search, and 80% of consumers will choose the first agent they find that answers their questions and solves their problems.  This should be scary for all of the agents that either A: Don’t have a website or B: Have a website but don’t ever update it or add engaging content that their ideal client would look for online.  The second marketing item that I am a big fan of is Video.  Video is a great way to shorten your sales cycle and convey your value and a message.  The good thing about video is it can last forever!  Having said that, I want to combine the two in this blog and talk about AFTER  your WordPress website built…now what?  Lets talk about WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate website.

Your 2013 Real Estate Marketing Plan…Time to Upgrade!

This week is Thanksgiving! Wow…how did 2012 fly by so quickly?  In the Title business this is my least favorite time of the year.  Not because I don’t like the holidays…I love them!  The reason I don’t like this time of the year is because Realtors and Lenders usually take this 5 week span and do a big exhale in their business.  They take time off…not working, or ramping up their marketing plan for the next year.  When Realtors and Lenders don’t work that means slower months for the Title Company.  What separates Top Agents from Mediocre Agents?  These 5 weeks.  In these next 5 weeks the top agents will be preparing and setting the table for 2013 ramping up so when Christmas ends…they hit the ground running in January.  There are things that you can do to re-evaluate your current marketing plan…is it working?  What needs to change?  NOW is the time to ramp up your 2013 Real Estate Marketing plan …lets go!

The Fastest Way to get a Real Estate Listing-RIGHT NOW!

In the Real Estate business there is a saying called “List to Last.”  What that means in essence is to have a sustainable business in Real Estate you have to generate listings.  Yes…buyers are good as well but they are like shooting deer in the woods.  Once you sell them a house they are done and buyers can be very time consuming.  Ever driven a buyer around for 3 weekends straight and they STILL didn’t buy anything?  That can not only be super frustrating but also costly in terms of your time and wallet.  In my 7.5yrs working in Title Insurance Sales it is also my experience that the agent that has the most listings…usually has the most buyers.  When I meet with Real Estate agents on a daily basis helping them grow their business, what I hear often is “Wade…how can you help me get more listings?”   There are a TON of ways to generate listings and as we move into the slower season in Real Estate…I also hear from Realtors…“I need Listings RIGHT NOW!  How can you help?”  Since I hear this fairly often, I thought I would share with you the fastest way to get a Real Estate listing right NOW!

How to Protect your Real Estate Brand and Reputation-Online

We all have a reputation.  Our reputation defines us…defines our business.  You have a good reputation in Real Estate it can mean that others want to work with you, for some reason you don’t, it can mean bad things going forward.  So how do we Really know if we have a good reputation online?  We know that over 90% of consumers go online to start their home buying search.  They also go online for pretty much everything else they wish to purchase or thinking about purchasing an item.  But…before they decide to go to a certain restaurant, buy a car, home, or go see a new movie, consumers want to look up reviews to see what others are saying about the product or person…and WHY they should use them. When it comes to the Internet there are really no barriers to entry.  Anyone can go on Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and write a review about someone or something.  This can be and should be scary if you a Real Estate agent or Mortgage Lender…but there are steps you can take to protect your Real Estate brand and reputation where consumers go to look for your services…Online.

Consumers Have Voted Out Your Real Estate Marketing Program

As we all know the Presidential Election is tomorrow (Go Vote!) and over the last 8 months or so we have been bombarded by all kinds of messages from both parties.  Most of these messages are unwanted spam and we have gotten to the point where we just ignore them.  The ads on the TV, the emails to my gmail account where I’m not sure how they have my email, the phone calls, things in the mail, etc.  The more and more I see this happening I can’t help but think of another group of people that try to convey a message to their audience in a similar delivery…Real Estate Agents.  Just as you are tired of the campaign ads and spam marketing, so are the consumers that Realtors are trying to reach.  Here’s why: