Real Estate Marketing-Why Your Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work

Facebook.  I have an account…you probably have an account as do your friends/family? There are roughly 1 Billion users worldwide.  That is unbelievable!  Take into account that China has its own Social Media site so Facebook is rarely used there so that means roughly 20% of ALL the people in the world have a Facebook profile.  I got my Facebook account in 2009, so you could say that I wasn’t one of the first people on board, but once I did have an account I soon found it as a great way to not only talk to friends and old classmates that I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, but also a great message board to promote or convey your value in business.  That was then…and this is 2012.  Facebook has made many changes in the last 3 years, some good, some not as good, but what I can tell you is that Facebook Marketing for Real Estate has never been as least effective as it is right now.