Real Estate Marketing Olympics…Would you Medal?

In the last 60 days since moving to the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area I have met with over 50 Realtors and Lenders.  Each person is in a different phase of their Real Estate career and have different levels of knowledge.  Each Realtor and Lender also have different needs as it applies to their Real Estate marketing.  Thus far I have seen Realtors and Lenders that have specific systems in place and others that are totally lost and need help.  In the spirit of the London Olympics I think if would be good for you to look at your business model as it pertains to gaining new clients, staying in contact with past clients, and getting more eyeballs to your listings and website to ask yourself…if I was in the Olympics for Real Estate Marketing, would I make it up to the medal podium?  Read below and ask yourself…am I doing these things? Do I need to make any changes to my Real Estate marketing?  Would a I respond to my own marketing strategies?